hey, that's me!




💜 alchemist.

⭐ storyteller.

⚠️ nerd.

🌟 heretic.

💚 mountaineer.

pronouns: he/him or they/them

Hey! I’m Daniel.

I’m a Digital Storyteller working at West Virginia University’s LGBTQ+ Center.

I love making things that are fun and easy to use, look good and work great. I have experience with Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Full Stack Development, Node/JS, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, HTML5/CSS3/JS, Video Editing, and much more!

I run TacoWolf along with a few friends of mine. It’s my little home away from home.

I’m currently studying at West Virginia University to get a degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, consisting of:

Throw me a line, and let’s make something together!

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